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    • $2,000 Coffee: One-on-one with one leader for up to four hours.
    • $1,500 Espresso: A two-six person advisory board for 90 minutes.
    • $5,000 Urn (Earn): Quarterly advisory board meetings for one year.

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    Meet with the business leader(s) online or in person, if possible, and get actionable solutions to your challenges.

  • We solve your challenges over coffee

    We learn about your challenge and build your execution plan together, incorporating our lifetimes of lessons and experience to quickly come up with actionable solutions.

  • Get connections you need

    We’ll introduce you to new target customers, strategic partners, service providers, potential employees or employers… the people and companies you are targeting to achieve your goal.

$2000 Coffee saved us millions of dollars by warning us away from an erroneous product development path. Additionally, Neil provided other highly valuable insights relating to procuring private investments which I still use today. And, the coffee was great. My most genuine thanks.

George Hoffmann
Co-founder and CEO, Network Immunology Inc.

Meet Your Verified Business Leaders:

Select one or more leaders who have solved your type of challenges before.

  • Neil Belenkie Revenue & Networking

    Neil is a co-founder of, an online platform that connects a $50B network of verified investors to pre-qualified investment opportunities, with more than 15k pre-qualified investment introductions made since May 2018.

    • Revenue
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Negotiations
    • Closing Deals
    • Sales

    1. How do I generate more revenue, negotiate more effectively and close deals more profitably?

    2. What is the best strategy to grow my company?

    3. How do I set up my company up for sale or to raise capital?

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  • Earl Flormata Marketing / SEO

    Known as a marketing genius for 20 years, Earl is responsible for over $28MM in funding, $70MM in sales, has done app marketing for fortune 100 companies, and SEO for companies like Ford.

    • Marketing Strategy
    • SEO
    • Thought Leadership

    1. How do I get more organic traffic to my business?

    2. How can I take more market share from our competitors?

    3. What content do I need to create to become an expert in my industry?

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  • Todd Kane Technology

    Todd has led technology teams for several of largest and high growth companies in western Canada. Todd’s record includes doubling the revenue of several companies and leading double digit increases in margins.

    • Technology
    • Operations
    • Cyber Security
    • Outsourced IT
    • Cloud Solutions

    1. How can I be sure that I’m getting the best ROI on my investment in technology in my business? Are we doing it right?

    2. Am I protected from risks like ransomware, hacking, or data loss?

    3. How do I better use technology to make my business more efficient?

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  • Dan O’Day Talent

    Dan firmly subscribes to Jim Collins’ (Good to Great) mantra of Get the Right People in the Right Seats. Human Capital is the most important resource a company as to work with yet the resource that leadership typically knows the least about.

    • People
    • Talent
    • Coaching
    • Search
    • Culture
    • Growth

    1. How do put my company in a position to find, attract, hire, develop and retain the best talent possible?

    2. I’m at the top of my personal game, how do I raise the bar?

    3. What is corporate culture and why is it important to my bottom line?

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  • John Reel Software / SaaS Strategy

    John has been assisting startups with strategy for 25 years. He also started the first web app company ever, invented several universally used Internet software categories, and built a million dollar software startup as a solo founder.

    • Startup Strategy
    • Product Planning
    • Product Design
    • Lean Startups
    • Monetization Strategy
    • Launch Strategy

    1. How do I avoid being one of the 92% of software startups that fail?

    2. What should I include in our Minimal Viable Product?

    3. How do I get good development estimates and how do I evaluate them?

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  • Stephanie Sang Grant Angel

    Stephanie runs the largest grant consulting firm in Western Canada, helping to secure $15MM+ in business grants. In 2019, she launched, GetGranted, a SaaS grant matching solution.

    • Grant Management
    • Government Programs
    • Asian Business Practices
    • Mindfulness
    • Unlocking Potential

    1. How do I leverage grants to grow my business? or How can I strategically leverage grants for my business?

    2. What is involved in applying for grants successfully?

    3. I found a grant I’m interested in, what are my first steps to preparing an application?

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  • Caroline Wakefield Communications

    Whether for a $50M federal program, achieving 94% employee satisfaction, or keeping sensitive issues out of the media, Caroline leads communications that deliver results.

    • Strategic Communications
    • Media Relations
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Leadership Development

    1. How can I get press coverage for my business?

    2. We need to increase employee engagement, what should we do?

    3. I want to grow my business and need a more sophisticated communications strategy, where do I start?

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