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The Buzz

  • I walked away from my coffee meeting with Neil with two things: a very clear sense of direction as to where I wanted to go from this point forward, and a very long list of action items that would get me there. It is easy to get caught up in our own world and "not see the forest for the trees", and Neil has this knack to help people develop and crystallize a strategy. He also, and that's so very valuable, will offer advice on the very tactical tools and connections how to get there. One of the most productive hours I've ever spent!

    Corinna Bjornson - Director, Communications Maxxam Analytics

  • The most valuable cup of coffee you will ever buy!

    Alan Shopland - Shopland Projects LTD

  • Within minutes of sitting down with Neil, it was apparent that he is full of wit and exuberant energy. I left very impressed with the interaction, full of inspiration, and items to action. His advice was thoughtful and impactful, and helped successfully shape my next career decision.

    Jackie Powell - Senior Business Analyst, TELUS

  • Neil saved us millions dollars by warning us away from an erroneous product development path. Additionally, he provided other highly valuable insights relating to procuring private investments which I still use today. And, the coffee was great. My most genuine thanks, Neil.

    George Hoffmann - Co-founder and CEO, Network Immunology Inc.

  • I have had several coffees with Neil and I still marvel at his ease in identifying and defining the challenges and opportunities that I wrestle with daily. He has a knack for describing the complexities of my business in very simple and concise terms. To say that he then guides you to options and a solution is an understatement – it feels like you are shot there through a cannon. You arrive at a clear and logical goal at break-neck speed.

    Britt Andersen - Executive Director, The Terry Fox Foundation

  • I instantly felt Neil’s genuine interest to help me succeed when I felt stuck and reached out for help. He gave me insight on international market development, a 3 year strategy plan, feasibility analysis, identifying areas of risk and opportunities and much more. The unique value he brings to any consultation is his introductions he provides and to people who are experienced in areas you need improvement. These introductions have lead me to get unstuck, feel inspired and develop new partnerships growing in ways I couldn’t have done myself. Thank you Neil always for your insight and friendship.

    Kim Carvajal - Co-Founder of Study Buddy Tours

  • In his book entitled “The Tipping Point”, Malcolm Gladwell describes “Connectors” as people who “link us up with the world…people with a special gift for bringing the world together”. Neil is a Connector.

    When he and I met for coffee earlier this year for a conversation about introductions to quality business people that he knows, not only was he gracious with his time and fully open to connecting me with great people in his network, nearly every single person Neil introduced me to was both thankful for the introduction and open to meeting with me.

    This certainly speaks volumes about the quality of human being that Neil truly is and I am grateful for the relationship that we have built.
    Thanks again Neil.

    JASON BOUDREAU CFP, CLU - VELA Wealth Management Inc.

  • Neil Belenkie has been a fantastic resource both personally and professionally. Every time I get a chance to sit down with Neil I always come out of that meeting with a golden nugget that I can actually use and get results from right away. He has completely changed my outlook on the way I do business, he is a get in there get it done type of guy which I truly admire. The biggest take away from my time with Neil is that business is about relationships and connecting with people whether they can directly impact your business or not, Neil has been able to connect me directly with individuals that can impact my business and he continues to do so to this day. I would recommend Neil to any business professional that is looking to change, grow, or improve their business in any way.

    Evan Wicklund - Owner, Pure Luxe Painting