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The Espresso Process:

Sometimes your business just needs a jolt of energy.

The Espresso is the $2,000 Coffee’s Advisory Board service. Up to six $2,000 Coffee Specialists will be selected, each bringing their unique expertise and network to support your goals.

  1. You complete the Espresso Needs Assessment survey.
  2. Determine if you want a single Espresso or the 4 Espressos.
  3. We, you, and up to six senior consultants from diverse sectors meet in a video conference.
  4. You provide a brief overview of the business.
  5. Then, together, we unleash the thinking.
  6. Practical solutions to your business challenge and a number of great business ideas in about 60-90 minutes. Guaranteed.

Fresh thinking. Rapid ideation. Multiple perspectives. All designed to shake up your status quo.

One Espresso Advisory Board Meeting (90 Minutes) is guaranteed to solve your identified challenges and support your goals. However, we offer an annual discount to provide four quarterly meetings ensuring continuity and accountability for a full year.

Each Espresso video conference meeting is recorded to ensure the entire discussion is captured in real time, remaining reference-able for ongoing tactical planning and execution.

Whether you need a single Espresso shot or want to book 4 Espressos, you will always leave a meeting energized; confident in your go-forward strategy, knowing exactly what you need to do and who you will be doing it with. 100% Guaranteed.

General Questions

Where does the espresso happen?

It’s all done online via video conference so wherever you are.

If you prefer to do it in person, a private boardroom can be secured, for an additional charge.

How long is the espresso?

We get it all done in 60-90 minutes.

What if you solve all of my business challenges?

Humbly, you will be asked for a testimonial and 2 referrals.

What if I am disappointed?

100% money back guarantee.