Have a few questions? We've got answers!

The Process:

  1. We match you with the proven business expert who specializes in your area of need
  2. During your meeting, while enjoying a coffee, we develop your go-forward strategy together
  3. We build your execution plan together, incorporating our lessons and experience to save you unnecessary business lessons and experience 🙂
  4. We bring it all together with introductions to new target customers, strategic partners, service providers, potential employees or employers… the people and companies you are targeting to achieve your goal

You will leave your $2000 Coffee energized; confident in your go-forward strategy, knowing exactly what you need to do and who you will be doing it with. 100% Guaranteed.

General Questions

Who buys the coffee?

We do, with pleasure 🙂

Where is the coffee?

You choose the location. Recommendations are available but it should be a location where we won’t be interrupted and can speak freely.

For an additional charge, a private boardroom can be secured.

Skype, phone and other communication technologies work well for distant communications. (the coffee itself may be a challenge though.)

How long is the coffee?

Until you are full (intellectually and gastronomically). Typically both occur within 2-3 hours but there is no time limit.

What if I have the time of my life?

You will be asked for a testimonial and 2 referrals.

What if I am disappointed?

100% money back guarantee.