Have you thought about your personal pitch?

I just released this story on creating an effective personal pitch as part of your marketing. As you can see from the uptake (not to mention the comments), it really struck a chord.

Truth is, we don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about how the world perceives us as people. We don’t own our story.

This can have a debilitating effect if we’re ever forced to look for a new job, look for investment, look for partners or affiliates.

Give it a think. If the prospect of telling your personal story to a potential client has you fidgeting, perhaps it’s time we talked.

Marc Stoiber is The $2000 Coffee’s marketing expert. He's also founder and CEO of Your Ultimate Speech, author of Didn't See It Coming, marketing prof at Royal Roads, prolific public speaker on brands, and (in his spare time) a marketing consultant.